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Professional negligence by act or omission by a health care provider in which the treatment provided falls below the accepted standard of practice in the medical community and causes injury or death to the patient, with most cases involving medical error.

M Motor vehicle traffic crashes continue to be a leading cause of injury or death in Florida and are second only to poisonings as of 2011. These crashes can cause injuries to passengers and drivers of motor vehicles, motorcyclists, pedestrians, and others. In 2011, 2,367 Florida residents were fatally injured in motor vehicle traffic crashes; there were another 13,956 hospitalizations for non-fatal injuries. Those reported injuries are from people who came forward, it says nothing of those who were involved in the 228,000 car accidents that took place in Florida and decided to not consult legal counsel to seek injury compensation.

If you are in a motor vehicle accident, it is important to call the police and immediately seek medical treatment. The accident will most likely put you shock causing a surge of adrenaline that may hide pain until hours or even days later. That does not mean you have not suffered an injury. Most importantly, before you speak to the at-fault driver’s insurance company about your injury, contact us as we are knowledgable Fort Lauderdale personaly injury attorneys who can help you get compensation for your injuries.

Some of the accidents that we can help with include (but are not limited to)...

Car Accidents

One of the most common forms of motor vehicle accidents include the most popular form of transportation - the passenger vehicle. These accidents can occur for a wide variety of reasons, from drunk drivers to those distracted by handheld devices and even fatigued drivers.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles are a national symbol for speed, youth and freedom. They, however, also leave the operator incredibly vulnerable to the elements. Due to the build of a motorcycle, even the slightest bump against a car can send it careening, ejecting the rider. This can cause serious injuries that range from road rash to broken bones, brain damage and more.

Bus Accidents

Bus accidents put a lot of lives in jeopardy, including passengers, other drivers on the road, and even nearby pedestrians. As such, it is easy to see why these types of collisions are often considered to be catastrophic in nature. The number of people that can be harmed, as well as the severity of the harm that can be caused, make bus accident victims individuals that should not go without sound legal representation. Recovery for you injury and personal damages will likely depend to a great degree on the legal counsel with whom you choose to work.

Boat Accidents

Not every motor vehicle accident occurs on the roadways. In fact, waterways are just as prone to serious and debilitating accidents. Boats do not steer as easily, do not have a car's braking system and are often operated by those who are not properly trained. This can result in serious accidents that can cause debilitating injuries to the victims.

Truck Accidents

Large commercial trucks are no rare sight. While operated by professional drivers, they are not exempt from being in trucking accidents. When exhausted, distracted or not properly trained, truck drivers can cause serious injuries - magnified by the size and weight of the vehicle. Even defective equipment or poor maintenance of the truck can lead to such accidents.

Florida is a no fault insurance state and as a result your personal injury protection (PIP) insurance covers you - regardless of fault up to the limits of your policy. Your PIP will also cover your child, members of your household, certain passengers who lack PIP Insurance as long as they do not own a vehicle. People riding in your vehicle who carry personal injury protection will receive coverage under their own personal injury policy for their injuries, and certain licensed drivers who drive your vehicle with your permission. PIP also covers your child if he or she suffers an injury while riding on a school bus. PIP coverage protects you while in someone else's vehicle, as a pedestrian, or bicyclist if you suffer an injury in a crash involving a motor vehicle. The Florida motor vehicle no-fault law, requires all owner/registrants of a motor vehicle with four wheels or more to carry a minimum of $10,000 of personal injury protection and $10,000 of property damage liability (PDL) if you own a motor vehicle in Florida. Florida law requires you to maintain PIP/PDL insurance continuously throughout the licensing and registration period.

After exhausting your personal injury protection coverage, if the other driver has no other insurance or an amount of coverage which is insufficient to cover the costs related to your injury, your uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage will cover the damage caused by the negligent party. If the negligent party was underinsured, your insurance will cover the difference between your losses and the amount you received from the other party’s insurance company. If you do not have this coverage, you should contact an attorney to obtain compensation for injuries resulting from the accident. An attorney may be able to seek damages from the negligent party’s homeowners’ insurance, your own insurance carrier or your health insurance provider.

Attempting to collect compensation through your uninsured motorist coverage can be complicated, and will likely require the assistance of an knowledgable attorney. Your insurance company will likely try to limit your payout amount, based on their own investigation of the accident and how much they believe your claim is worth. If you receive an amount that you believe does not properly cover your losses, your attorney may be able to file a lawsuit against your insurance company in an attempt to recover additional compensation.

The knowledgable Ft Lauderdale personal injury lawyers from the Itzler & Itzler P.A. can help you after an accident. Our personal injury attorneys have tried cases with a variety of factors. This has given us a real world experience and an ability to take cases to trial. Most attorneys will do everything that they can to avoid the courtroom, we make it clear that we are not afraid to go there.

When you have so much on the line, you cannot afford to procrastinate. Give us a call today and let us discuss your claim in more detail. Once we have decided upon an appropriate course of legal action, you can be confident knowing we will be there every step of the way to defend you.


What to do if you are involved in an traffic accident

Remain calm. An auto accident is a traumatic event, even if you do not suffer an injury.

Call the police. Having the police come and make an accident report will help you prove who was at fault. Having an ambulance come will help evaluate injuries and make sure none are life threatening. People who are walking around and appearing normal could have life-threatening injuries that can and will kill if they do not receive treatment immediately. Remember internal injuries can not be seen.

Gather information. Look around the auto accident scene, ask for names, addresses and phone numbers of people who may have seen or heard the accident, or the admissions of liability after the accident that the other drivers may make. If the witness overhears the other driver admitting they were at fault, that is admissible in court which means it is information that the insurance company will take seriously. Get that person's information so your lawyer can know.

Take pictures. Try and take as many pictures of all vehicles and surroundings as possible. Try to capture the positions of the automobiles, where the debris is located, marks on the road or surrounding scenery and the conditions of the automobiles involved. Insurance companies deny countless injury claims based on injured people's inability to prove the severity of the automobile's impact with the other automobile. If you cannot prove that the impact was more than a fender-bender, the insurance company will attempt to deny your injury claim based on the argument that your accident was not serious enough.

Gather all insurance information at the scene. At the scene of an auto accident, with the police present, most people are cooperative about giving out this type of information. Once you leave the scene, your ability to gather this information decreases dramatically. Some people refuse to give this information at all after you leave the accident scene.

Get your own estimate for the damage to your automobile. Auto insurance companies almost always write the auto estimate for less than the actual damage to the car. There are several reasons for this. First, they would rather be on the low side than the high side of payment for the automobile's damage. Second, if you decide to keep the money and not fix the car, they end up paying less this way. Third, the lower the amount of damage to the car, the less likely a jury will believe that someone suffered an injury in an accident. Be sure and get your own auto estimate to make sure you are not being taken advantage of.


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